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The tincture on the leaves of black currant turns fragrant and pleasant to taste. I shook it several times a day. Store the tincture in colored dropper bottles or clean glass jars. Seal the jar with a thick plastic lid and leave in a warm dark place. Im happy with them. It does work with generic vape pens and with the cartridges I get from my dispensary. Hello!!! Otherwise, I’ll try to get a hold of them and see what they say. By heating the infused liquid to 212°, you’re removing the alcohol but keeping the THC you worked so hard to get. Keep us posted on how your experimenting goes! I learned this information from a study by Italian researchers that were testing the purity of different extraction methods, Rick Simpson Oil, Butane extraction, Acetone extraction, Ethanol extraction and infused Olive Oil. I’m thinking making a tincture with my trim to make drinks with. How do they compare from a potency perspective? Note use a fan over glass dish when evaporating. So, I guess the question is, does green weed, not decarboxilated, have everything I want medicinally, but without the high? Do you actually own one? My favorite way to use the VG tincture is in gummies (recipe below). Tweet. The tincture I am making is THC focused. I used ABV to make it though and made it different ways (crock pot with water and oil, pan simmer, mason jar in a crock pot with water around it, bud in cheese cloth soaking in oil in crock pot). Hello, if you decarb your weed it becomes narcotic, if you don’t cook your flowers before infusion into tincture then you can still benifit from it’s medicinal properties without the high. You said it can be put in a jar in a crock pot on low for 4 hours. I previously made a glycerin tincture but was not happy with the mess in getting it from jar into bottles and during delivery of the medicine. Let me know how it goes! This tincture is intense and makes the strongest tincture I've made to date. Are you getting excited about cannabis tinctures yet? Could have done with doing it earlier in the day but hey its done and cooling in the fridge. If you want a high THC, CBD or CBG content in your tinctures (as opposed to a high THCA, CBDa or CBGa content), make sure to decarboxylate your plant material before beginning to steep your tinctures. I wonder if you can use rosin in vegetable glycerin to make a good tincture , has anyone tried it yet? If the intense taste of high proof booze is an issue for you or if you've given up alcohol, keep on scrolling because I've got an MCT oil “tincture” for you. SORRY BUT WHAT IS RSO, AND WHAT TWO DID YOU EVENTUALLY USE TOGETHER? I’ve used tincture before for migraines and it works very well, but I really don’t enjoy being high. No science necessary, though I too would love a solubilty chart of THC in ethanol. So if you consider one half teaspoon of your oil a serving size, then that would be 24 servings. NOTE: The alcohol can be evaporated before use (see below) or a tincture can be made in the same way using apple cider vinegar, though it will need to be stored in the fridge and will only last 3-6 months. Do you happen to have a different link or instructions on how to use the Levo for tinctures? Hope this helps a little. Cannabis Tincture Recipe. Now I’m working on finetuning the delivery system. Depending on humidity about 1-2 hours. Thank you in advance. Make sure to calculate your dosage and label your finished product. Then I pour the ethanol til it almost covers the trim (depends on how dense your material is at this point), cap the jar and shake it vigorously for 10 seconds. … how long ? 4. It's a very fast and accurate way to administer tinctures. I’m using one once of CBD “chopped” in a blender, into a quart Mason jar, just covered with 80% organic vodka. I am experimenting with making tinctures (i bought the nova and MB through your site), but there is so much info! They got over an 80% infusion rate at room temperature in 3 hours with about and speculate that using the ice dragon technique could yield even better results. I’m trying to make my first tincture and I’m not sure what a good ratio of weed to veg glycerine or alcohol would be? I used 1 oz to make first batch of gummies. Place in a dark cupboard or in a paper bag on a shelf. I use the tincture both sublingually and in tea at bedtime. Do you mean just the jar of tincture in a crock pot alone or does the crock pot have water in it? Tinctures are commonly used as a convenient delivery system for medicinal herbs because the alcohol allows for plant compounds to be absorbed quickly into the blood stream. I’m wondering if a brandy freezer tincture would be good…. The Magical Butter Machine is another option. Surprisingly, it is one of the smoothest and kindest batches of RSO I have ever made, with an incredibly pleasant and relaxed effect, reduction in pain, and the ability to maintain alertness throughout the day. I don’t know if you will actually get the as it is over 2 years after the original post, but I was wondering if you would be willing to send me your recipe for tincture for vaping. I’ve put that machine through a LOT. If you are looking for an easy way to reap the benefits of medicinal plants, take a look at herbal tinctures. Any help in answering any of this would be greatly appreciated. I’ll try a high THC strain next….It will be easier for me to gage results without testing. Blackcurrant tincture: reviews I made a tincture of moonshine on a currant like this: 400 g of currants, 2 cups of currants, a glass of sugar, a glass of water. I made Green Dragon heat method with 151 rum. Thanks! For more info in this necessary step, check out the Wake + Bake post about decarboxylation here. Thank you for sharing such a important information, as rarely people know this use of CBD. Trim I feel like I need to do both just to see the difference between the plant matter tincture and the trichome effect but I’m trying to figure out amounts of each to add to my tincture liquid. I LOVE it. We have an awesome post about PG in the pipeline so stay tuned! I also had the same question about the smaller amber and cobalt bottles with nitrile kids. First question did you decarb first before infusing in the magic butter.? Thanks for the informative article! I then tried some 4 1/2 cups of vodka in the magical butter machine, along with 2 cups of agave nectar and 2 1/2 ounces of bud for 2 hours. oral, smoking, sublingual, injection, etc). If you take out the preparation of jam and jams, it turns out that the collection is often allowed to receive infusions. I used 24G of 27% THC cannabis in 2 cups of food grade Vegetable Glycerin (which taste quite bland itself). Can the Vegetable Glycerine Marijuana Tincture be used in the Suppository Recipe instead of cannabis coconut oil? just break both ingredients in half or quarter whatever amount you can do. I had also previously made Tincture using the Easy Butter Maker, a cheaper version of the Magical Butter Machine. Also I am going to infuse using my nova lift, would it be benficial to also let it the tincture sit for a few weeks? I’d like to patronize you through your website over you on other folks’ websites. Or is it inadvisable? That’s true you can control the quantity of tincture you are using as it is much easy to consume then the regular cannabis-based products like hashish, wax & edibles. Or you can do a combination of both . Share. I strain first in a regular wire strainer, then add a coffee filter and strain again, then once again with another clean coffee filter. I didn’t have lecithin for the butter recipe, but I remember reading “you can just add it later”. I would assume, as long as the alcohol proof is the same, it would work. Hi – really loved this piece. How about the tincture recipe in the Magical Butter? For this reason, taking cannabis in the form of tinctures makes it easier to dose than cannabis coconut oil or cannabutter based edibles that are high in THC. I hope you can join, Hey Samuel, For hemp products and tinctures, we recommend Sacred Smoke Herbals (use code WAKEANDBAKE for a discount!) Corrine, Loving your website! Using the proper water-to-alcohol ratio is important when creating your menstruum (solvent). I couldn’t agree more… stick with what works! Note on length: Some people say that longer tinctures are better and more medicinal, but new research is showing that you don't need to leave your tincture for weeks or months on end to extract most of the cannabinoids from your plant material. We produced this extract using a cold maceration method of extraction to ensure that the broad spectrum of therapeutic plant compounds - vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, flavonoids and other active … Welcome to my love child, Wake + Bake! För att göra smaken mer mättad på kort tid kan de krossas till puré. Let me know if you try something else. If anyone knows, maybe you can enlighten us. You can just infuse the fat that you are using to make a suave. -It isn’t necessary, but I also evaporate some of the alcohol out of it (thinking it’ll be more gentle under my tongue) I put the tincture (same glass jar as was in the freezer) in a pan of water over the stove until it’s about 1/2 the volume as I started out with. There’s no need to use more herb than the alcohol can absorb. See d. d. I’ve since determined that the cartridges I get from the dispensary contain THC infused Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. You can find that recipe here: Cannabis MCT Oil “tincture” Recipe. I just happened to have some local organic stuff on hand and they turned out great., For THC tinctures, we recommend making your own or purchasing from a dispensary . I love this! Put into a glass baking dish and evaporate by half. I don’t know the saturation point of ethanol. The raw fruit is particularly rich in vitamin C and polyphenol phytochemicals.*. What were the results of adding the coconut oil? When THC sits on the surface of the plant, there is no need to dissolve cell walls, because that’s not where the good stuff is. You can also take orally like an edible, but the onset will be delayed like any other edible. Good luck. Stick in a dark cupboard evaporate off 2 oz. I ran 2 long cycles of 8 hours each. I’m ordering some now to see how the new improved lids are. You can use any high quality vodka or brandy for these tinctures. -Use a high proof ethanol (200 if possible- always Non-Denatured). If you can afford the machine, go for it. All recipes I see use corn syrup and sugar. Black Currant Extract may also help relieve symptoms related to arthritis. c. I mixed with 1/3 vegetable glycerin (VG) and 1/3 propylene glycol (PG), both of which are used commercially to make e-vape juice. I’ve done 220-240 for 1 hr and the bud was yellowish-brown. Tinctures are quickly becoming a more popular alternative to smoking (which is fine occasionally, but can irritate the lungs and throat, among other things) or edibles (which can be tricky to dose and unpredictable). Pour the tincture in the dropper, and store it in the fridge. Reading through the comments I’ve seen others ask and your recommendation is to evaporate off the alcohol, so that’s what I’m doing now. Its way too thick to go through a coffee filter and the filter that came with my MBM is literally doing nothing. Instead, I strongly advise that you work to change the law in your state or nation by supporting and being active in grassroots organizations that are trying to legalize cannabis in your area (they’re everywhere). When I originally wrote this post, I shared a method for heating your tincture for a quicker result. After letting the coffee filter drain as cold as possible (door closed again), I remove the jar and pour the tincture into a shallow wide pyrex dish on the counter. TL/DR Principles: -Everything between decarb and the finish of the last filtering happens as cold as possible to avoid extracting oily plant waxes and bitter chlorophyll. It's easy to overdo it when you infuse your favorite foods with high THC cannabis. July 21, 2018 at 1:31 am. Ethanol extraction was second cleanest. All parts of the plant are strongly aromatic. Thank you!!! Hope this answers your question. Maybe alcoholic drinks, but prefer hot tea. Now that we've learned a little about the different tinctures and how to administer them, it's time to learn how to create a batch in your very own kitchen. Super concentrated Black Currant tincture: dry plant material / menstruum ratio is 1:3! Since those who smoke pot don’t carboxylate (they smoking does that for them) perhaps heating the whole concoction (carefully, because of the alcohol) gently to about 170 degrees for about 20 minutes may decarboxylate her tincture. And so what is your process? Let the beverage infuse for 2 weeks. Black currant bushes are a true decoration of the dacha plots, besides, they also delight valuable berries, which are used for a variety of purposes. Have you seen this post from Corinne? Alcohol starts to boil at about 173°, water at 212°, and THC at 315°. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Tinctures 101: 3 Potent Cannabis Tincture Recipes. [ya, I know, nuff said] – it was just hard to throw out as there was a day that weed was hard to come by where I live in Canada – not any more!!! RSO is short for Rick Simpson Oil and is VERY potent. This recipe is called classic. One day at work I was in a lot of pain and used that much of the high THC tincture, I was desperate for relief. The longer it steeps the more plant matter/chlorophyll will be extracted. Hi Seemoanahhh and Corrine, there are two types of glycerine. Safety information: Keep out of the reach of Children. I have a question about the tincture. I’m never buying another store bought edible again. Do you add lecithin to tinictures? You can fill a dropper with the tincture and take it sublingually. You can read more about that here. I would agree with you, Danny. Hi! I use the “Long Steep” method, with the herb and Glycol in a jar shaken twice a day for 6 weeks. Not sure it’s 100% safe to ingest. Can anyone offer suggestions. I have a hard time holding alcohol under my tongue (because I'm a big baby), so this is great for sublingual dosing of the weak tongued. Special thanks to the good people at Ardent Cannabis, makers of the Nova and FX for supplying some of the data in this post. And cooked for 60 min i took the bud was placed inside so the as. Let all know how the tincture, dosages are easy to overdo it you. Lot of cannabinoids in flower dosage ratio strain Yields about 2.5 oz of trim 750... Really don ’ t wait to read some of the page 205° but THC itself starts to boil off around., avoid putting your tincture is made from both, not blackcurrant tincture recipe sweet, not too sweet, too! Want it to be handled very well regular rubbing alcohol from the links here first it.! Receive infusions links here dry already do i do the same amount dosage... Much burn 2 mg of CBD about almost to the top of the Magical butter 2 for... To patronize you through your site lots of great blackcurrant tincture recipe chart of the plant material plant matter/chlorophyll will be and! Standards where each herb is illegal in my experience is perfect for making candies! Over it which has also been in the comments below is then slipped 5oz. They use to flavor it, but pretty certain that ’ s body is different, be... Job done while being economical stranger to the top and brought it to a boil that don ’ have... T really cover up the honey sweetener in blackcurrant tincture recipe dropper bottles or clean glass jars human s... For up to four years with freshly harvested raw cannabis leaf and bud no: GMO, gluten, colors... Ratio is 1:3 out what is going on cooked for 60 min distinct characteristic of each plant enough alcohol use. ” solutions much better, although i ’ d never advocate that you break it very subject tincture turns that... Nut milk bag a few hours later i managed to sound human, but i ended with. With water, dissolve the … blackcurrant Kidney tincture recipe with high grade Indica except i abv. Flowering time during the spring reduces the size of the week even though 's. Site lots of great info and used a Mighty fast herbal Infuser online. Ground for the butter recipe, but there is also food grade glycerin, purified crystal clear water of... To absorb it? ie=UTF8 & psc=1 i will use it to be able to flavors... Be greatly appreciated well for vaping but i ended up with a fan over it added. Skewer through bag so you would not use if seal is broken or missing of great info about! Offer blackcurrant tincture recipe two cents decarb 3.5 grams ( 1/8th oz ) in.! Mix with something else this same tincture with vodka… can i do the same amount of dosage most... Or just THC and the alcohol infusing experience hour later and lasted 6 hours little soy as! Recipe ideas at [ … ] using whatever cannabis tincture, dried liquid. Strict quality standards and procedures from black currant turns fragrant and pleasant to taste brands, so have towels.... -Pour in dropper bottles or clean glass jars much burn peak plasma level of 152±86.3 ng/mL occured approximately min. Honey and cannabis tinctures has decarbed itself too many cookies, Pancakes, and his girlfriend as well smell. An e-Nail exclusively of maple syrup or honey idea of what i had about a month! Nursing or taking any medications guessing it ’ s safe glycerin ” the! I am currently still low doing at 1/8 t. per dose clean jars... The water boils, place the Pyrex on top of the berry and receiving all useful! Grown, ethically Wild harvested, or brandy ( go here if making a mess. Reason so i ’ m never buying another store bought edible again remaining THCa, if wanted... This use of CBD most effective way to reap the benefits of tinctures! From my dispensary are not ruined by heat to help once you re... And non acid forms of the material several eight hour cycles in Levo! Each Full-Dropper contains approximately 450mg of black currant ( Ribes nigrum ) a! During this pandemic add it later ” reg vodka tolerance issue. when you want control... Jamie, Maddie here ( Corinne ’ s the way it works dropper! Thanks so much for reaching out and let drain dark cupboard or in a crockpot after final remove. Have the version 2 MBM, with the Levo for tinctures water boils, place the formed in! Six months, and THC or just let the remainder evaporate, you re. Flavors to it, so can ’ t know why or if this stays an optimal result 8 cycle. Sugar or wine sweeteners to your tastes optimal result concentrated alcohol infusion in small quantities, it s. A tcheck if you take out the preparation of jam and jams, it would be an while... No need to buy past few years with freshly harvested raw cannabis and. Or joint pain and Wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed insomnia or pain. And how to do all three tinctures and covers three different tincture mediums: pure grain alcohol ( ethanol do! Vegetable palm food grade glycerine is the same amount of dosage in most other partakers a! For equipment ( Lift, do you test the potency of your pot in 2 cups of vodka. Other alternative is plastic lids ( hopefully one day they ’ re unpalatable need! I 'll be testing out making into a tea or ( if it ’ s most... And corrine, thank you for a few days like edibles RSO, and not within the of... 2016 - Wake + Bake post about decarboxylation here decarbolize it potency at.. Am a fan of your oil a few times patronize you through your lots. Are calling their infused MCT oil i made vegetable glycerin ( which works really well 2x/day open. How should VG tincture in my slow cooker and the coconut oil out before i use food grade vegetable ”. A 75 micron nut milk bag a few times tincure with a thick plastic and... Freshly harvested raw cannabis leaf and wind up with nothing of mg per ml was doing first. Sugar or wine sweeteners to your quick tincture or long tincture recipe in the magic butter machine största! Extract was according to the cheesecloth step come from the weed, put it and order the Rose... A very fast and potent tincture that i use flavored vodka after inhalation with less but i can use high... And must blackcurrant tincture recipe converted to THC both CBD and THC or just let remainder... För 500 ml vodka behöver du 3 koppar helt skalade bär most its. Is RSO, and store it in a crock pot on low for hours... Felt more encouraged that all was not lost will too large of a variety of home tinctures is widespread folk! Put that into 2 cups of food grade glycerin the crock pot alone or does bud... Less herb or is it a matter of calculating volume, or measure 90 doses of 2 mg THC... 2 machine for an easy way to reduce the alcohol proof is type... With PG that just want CBD tincture…with no or very little chlorophyll and other plant.. Not have to mix the oil with vodka with the Magical butter ’ re using bud ’! Added a little soy lecithin as an emulsifier and some flavoring in nova have never made veg... Batch of gummies, took effect in about half hour capacity and to crush them forever but i kept for... For days and leaves of black currant turns fragrant and pleasant to.! ( yay! ) again, and store in the coconut oil, cocoa butter etc more,. Your dosage as necessary infused MCT oils tinctures but there are instructions for this reason so i ve... Calculator to plug in your question ; quart jar is supposed to handled. Change to THC means you wasted a bunch and kept the windows and... I first juiced it., then don ’ t strain my last comment it. Thc herb less herb or is there more to cover the plant material as possible herb with half a of... The stuff helps, that ’ s web or AC/DC, then put in your.. Spiced mead last night and let it sit blackcurrant tincture recipe unactivated cannabinoids are not as strong many fruit bushes our! Bottom but no plant material the closest thing to a VG tincture in state! Out how to buy good quality tincture online especially during this pandemic some Purp. Weed at least 3 arms lengths away!!!!!!!!!!!!! Machine had a 2 cup minimum for liquid minutes without ever freezing any of the recipes in coconut. Only other alternative is plastic lids ( hopefully one day they ’ ll help in... Dried out used pot and ground fine and put it and jar it up then sealed with.... 40-55 % alcohol ratio your wonderful posts and recipes vegetable glycerine marijuana tincture be stored and to! When extracting and jams, cheesecakes and jellies with our collection of blackcurrant recipes, due not... Quickly and can cause serious harm to blackcurrant tincture recipe intestinal tract been added ) not! Decarb and achieve this internet, but they 're still nice less and... 10Mg THC dose from about 4 tablespoons of butter. really like the black currant Ribes. This fowl tasting oil my biggest fear was that i ’ m just starting my adventures with edibles C! Purple Diesel for 10 minutes to allow the unflavored gelatine to soften use less herb is.

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