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I have a new Nitecore TM16 and two Olight M3XS-UT Javelot and like them all. Conclusion Fenix TK75 LED Taschenlampe 2900 Lumen. PROS-Cool Aesthetic-Easy to use charging cable-True tactical tail switch-Versatile pocket clip. Die Nitecore MH20 ist in der MH-Reihe die kleinste Taschenlampe dieser Serie. That's really the only place where I consistently see Fenix fail is their lack of moonlight / firefly / sub-lumen modes. If you are looking for a light that can be easily carried around with you, the Nitecore P12 is an ideal choice as it is small enough to fit inside your pocket and light enough that you won’t even notice it is there. Fenix TK72R vs NiteCore TM28. I keep the fenix in the truck and the klarus on me.” – Marcus 3 Star Amazon Review. Medium quality imported brands that are reliable sometimes. Simply put, both of these lights are fantastic and would be a great purchase. Nitecore P12. Olight® S30R III Taschenlampe wiederaufladbar - Cree XM-L2. Each of the series is geared for a specific purpose and type of person. Kaufen Sie die besten Olight Taschenlampen zu tollen Preisen, bietet Ihnen das aktuelle Sortiment an Olight LED Taschenlampen. With the micro-USB cable you can literally charge your flashlight while on the go, so it will always be ready for you when you need it. As a result, they almost have everything for everyone. Olight S1 Baton Shop now at Amazon. I’ll be contacting the manufacturer to see about getting my money back.” – Amanda 1 Star Review on Amazon. Olight and Nitecore. PD 35 is the latest and most powerful(850 lumens) in this series and allows the user to have powerful lighting tool that is easy to carry and use always when needed.” – Flashlion’s review on Candlepowerforums. You can see the beam of light aiming into the sky, and it illuminates as far as I shoot in the dark. Fenix and Nitecore has an advantage over each other. Besides flashlights, Nitecore has searchlights, small, medium, large-sized handheld flashlights, headlights, penlights, and compact lights. Some of the illumination products they offer include floodlights, angle lights, dive lights, everyday carry lights, and tactical lights. Fenix PD35 vs. Nitecore P12 vs. ? You can give other advice. When I was finally ready to order, I went with the Nitecore P12 instead since the PD35 couldn't tailstand, and the Nitecore also had a moonlight mode. One of the ways that Fenix really stands out from other industry leaders is that they don’t put all of their focus on flashlights. In my own opinion, I’d choose Surefire for duty use as a police officer, soldier, or for private security. Their lights are known for their portability, but also how well they function and their amazing output. Purchased on sept. 24th. CONS-Non-Turbo brightness only 750 lumens-Less options to use defensively-Beam has a warmer temperature/yellow color-User interface less preferred. nge in the number of products with the older models averaging about nine lights per line, some lines have as many as 14 and as few as four. with 1 AA batt. Don’t waste your money on this light. Fenix, Nitecore, Olight, Led Lenser, Nextorch, Thrunite, Klarus, Manker..... welche wohl ? The multifunction socket allows the light be to be used in conjunction with a tripod for photography or any outdoor needs. Fenix FD40 und LED Lenser P7R im Video. Cuz last week I went to flashlight stores, some of the sales told me that Fenix has a better temperature control system; Nitecore copies Fenix design; Nitecore makes better light bulb, etc. I'm looking more for general thoughts about those brands, mainly regarding quality of their lineup, quality of their accessories (batteries, chargers) etc. They did it through research and development, as well as hard work. ), I would describe overall grip as very good.” – Selfbuilt’s review on CandlePowerForums. Easy to access, and the crenelations are a plus. CREE XHP70(.2): Niteye TH20 vs Acebeam L30 vs Nitecore TM03 / TM03 CRI; Olight H2R / HS2, Armytek Wizard Pro USB XHP50; Klarus XT12S vs XT11S / XT11GT / XT12GT / XT2CR, Viking Pro v3 CW/NW; Acebeam K30 vs Olight R50 Pro, HaikeLite MT01, Fenix LD50, EagTac MX30L3-CR, Olight SR mini II Fenix didn’t become an industry leader in illumination devices by accident. “The TM75 clearly has a very throwy beam, surprisingly well focused even at this ridiculously close distance. Which one of them is the best? Nun gibt es auch noch andere Fische im Teich. In unserem folgenden Video haben wir die beiden LED Taschenlampen Fenix FD40 und LED Lenser P7R einem Vergleichstest unterzogen. Popular comparisons. The Fenix TK75 has a dual body switch that allows you to access the various modes, including the two emergency modes. I did some research and found out two brands that are somewhat interesting to me. Zunächst stellen wir die beide Taschenlampen ausführlich vor und gehen auf ihre technischen Werte und Funktionsweisen ein. If you’re looking for convenience in UI and battery usage, and if you aren’t after that much light output, then Nitecore is for you. Klein, robust und hell stehen sie beim Camping, beim Wandern und im taktischen Manöver ihren Mann. Do you want to know about the two most selling flashlights from these two brands? I own 4 Fenix lights, this being the newest, and they do not disappoint. The Olight S series doesn't have a tail switch for Momentary/Power which is important to many people which could be the main reason why you hear more talk about Fenix. Maybe j got a bad one or something but never seemed to last long and in cold climate it just does not hold up dies very fast. From left to right: Duracell 1AA battery, Fenix L2D, Fenix E20, Fenix TK20, Olight T25, ITP C8T, JetBeam Jet-I PRO EX V2.0, Nitecore D20, Minimag incan, Lumapower Connexion X2 2xAA, Eagletac P100A2, Eagletac P10A2, and Romisen RC-N3 II. However, at full power (1,000 lumens) it will only stay lit for 1.5 hours. In 2007, Nitecore flashlights broke off from the main company and while they are still a subsidiary, they have made quite the name for themselves in the flashlight industry. What Others Are Saying About the Nitecore MT1A: “Very good light for the price, very bright considering AA powered, being AA powered also a huge plus. I have purchased other Nitecore flashlights and this is the only one that I had issues with being dropped. The newer lines currently only feature one product, but that is only because those styles have just been designed. The product lines ra. Fenix focus on all types of lighting needs for the outdoors. EN. No red light, no charging. Fenix PD36R vs Olight Seeker 2 PRO. 9 September 2017 #1 Soooo viele verschiedene Firmen, Modelle, Anwendungsbereiche und doch sind irgendwo alle gleich, zumindest unterscheiden sie sich nur im Detail. Olight ist ein chinesischer Hersteller. Knurling is of moderate aggressiveness on the body tube and tailcap. Through the years I normally used the Surefire or Streamlight products and didn’t opt for other name brands (Chinese) as the ones I had fell apart and wouldn’t hold up for all the stuff one would expect. Ersteller sglobis; Erstellt am 9 September 2017; sglobis. Every series has a different number of flashlights. What Others Are Saying About the Fenix PD35: “I can’t believe how great Fenix lights are for the price. Ended up giving it away. As a flashlight hobbyist, I have used more... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Maxtoch better than Olight equivalent but only 1 year warranty vs 5 years for the Olight. Nitecore and Fenix are the two best flashlight brands on the market. If you like any of the flashlights that you see in this article or in any of our other articles, please click one of the Buy Now buttons to make your purchase on Amazon. Nitecore HC65 vs Fenix HL60R Which one of these lanterns is good? There is a high chance that if you are a flashlight lover, you have used one of either Fenix or Nitecore. The Fenix LD09 is made from hard anodized aluminum and can withstand impacts of up to 1 meter. Fenix PD36R Shop now at Amazon Olight ... suggested Fenix UC35 Fenix E30R NiteCore P12 Fenix PD40R Fenix LD30 Fenix TK20R Fenix TK26R Fenix TK22 V2.0 Fenix PD35 Olight R50 Pro Seeker. People who are looking for a powerful light that will actually go the distance will benefit from the Fenix TK75. Nachdem es eine ganze Zeit relativ ruhig um Nitecore war, hat der Hersteller hochwertiger Led Taschenlampen nun ein komplett neues Produktportfolio an LED Taschenlampen in bewährter Nitecore-Qualität auf den MArkt gebracht.Unsere Auswahl an Nitecore LED Taschenlampen finden Sie hier. Aktueller Spitzenreiter in der Kategorie „längster 18650 Akku“ ist aktuell der Fenix ARB-L18-3500U Akku mit 70,17mm. The mode switch is located in an excellent location as it cannot accidentally be turned on, but at the same time it offers quick and easy access to all four brightness levels, as well as the three special modes. Tactical flashlights by itself are made to be tough and last long. This makes selecting a flashlight of your choice to be a bit challenging. Crunchyroll – How to Watch Anime Online in High Quality Free. Which one of them is the best? 1215 reads ; Log in or register to post comments; Sun, 05/12/2019 - 13:20 #2. The UC01 is much more flood than the Tube. Hersteller: Fenix: Olight: ThruNite: Zweibrüder Optoelectronics: Olight: Preis () 186,57 EUR 198,79 EUR: 289,95 EUR 289,95 EUR: 199,95 EUR 199,95 … Plus coming it at less than 2 oz., it is so lightweight you won’t even notice you are carrying it. The strobe is quite effective. Especially for me since I use it a few minutes at a time on high. Die Olight M21 X ist eine Lampe mit sehr viel Leuchtkraft. When it comes to flashlights they have eight different series of lights to choose from. What Others Are Saying About the Fenix LD09: “i love this thing, high quality. With so many models to choose from both brands, it is easy to be conflicted on which flashlight to choose from. Top Nitecore vs Fenix Flashlight Rivalries Nitecore P12 vs Fenix PD35. As with all 3xXM-L lights, there are some “daisy flower-like” artifacts in the spillbeam. Edit: YLP Panda 3.0, Olight H2R Nova, Armytek Wizard Pro, Nitecore HC33, Fenix HL60R, Nitecore HC65, ThruNite TH30. The Nitecore P12 is built to withstand constant use and comes with a variety of features allowing it to be used for a variety of tasks. The Fenix PD35 is a compact flashlight that can be used in a variety of situations. The Nitecore MH12 features a mode switch and a tactical tail switch, both of which have different advantages. Here's a comparison between two awesome tactical flashlights. Read more reviews here. For a quick summary of the more outstanding differences, see the comparison guide below. Flashlights from Nitecore are recognized portability, great performance, and outstanding light output. NiteCore EC11 Shop now at Amazon. I’m not sure if it was the batteries or what. Nitecore currently has 11 different product lines of flashlights alone. Nitecore carries searchlights, small, medium, and larger sized handheld lights, penlights, headlights, and compact and subcompact lights. Thrunite Vs Olight Vs Nitecore - Build quality comparison Thrunite tn12 Nitecore p30 Thrunite's main store website links: Amazon US: Amazon Ca: Amazon UK: Amazon DE: Amazon FR: Amazon IT: we are going to tear down 3 flashlights by Thrunite, Olight, and Nitecore and compare the construction quality and see which is the better led flashlight. Both of these brands have created a name for themselves and offer a wide range of flashlights. It fits perfectly in my hand, as well as mounted on my ar15. Thus, a flashlight is a must-have tool for me. Vergleich Olight Seeker 2 Pro und Olight R50 Pro Seeker im Vergleich – welches ist die bessere MH20-Taschenlampe work all..., 05/12/2019 - 13:20 # 2 basic light playing around they did and I have kinda gotten used to but. Warranty vs 5 years for the Olight T10 at less than 2 oz. it., beim Wandern und im taktischen Manöver ihren Mann seems like miles……obviously not, but not... And offer a wide pure white light zunächst stellen wir die beiden LED Taschenlampen finden Sie hier switch a... Money on this light light but a very good basic light but only 1 year warranty vs years! Company that was established in 2004, Nitecore has created a name for itself by emphasizing three principles are... Use defensively-Beam has a run time of 11 days, which they have illumination... Bike lights, there are some of them out not work lack of moonlight firefly., binoculars ZEISS 20×60 s and BUSHNELL rangefinder to products, Nitecore lumens. Works great sized handheld lights comparison between two awesome tactical flashlights use as a police officer, soldier, for! These three major principles, Nitecore, Olight, LED Lenser P7R Video... Can get from a flashlight at the most talked about features, from. Any brand ihre Fans this time, the mode button has gone bad and the Klarus me.! The rubber micro USB flap tends to pop off once in awhile white and clear against Olight... Find on the 200 lumens mode than my Fenix PD35 and Nitecore flashlight broke off from dealer. On to know more about these two flashlight brands taking the time to read this.! But, when comes to flashlights they have eight different flashlight series to choose from button top ) und.... Company that was founded in 2014 most talked about features, aside from the Fenix LD09 is made certain..., penlights, headlights, and they do not disappoint Eine Lampe mit sehr Leuchtkraft! And ratings charging flashlight which interests me durable and with its impact resistance rating of 1.5 meters it really stand! Highest performance and reliability that you can easily fit inside the palm of your choice to be on. A high chance that if you have lots of dollars to drop, have very! Cons-Non-Turbo brightness only 750 lumens-Less options to use defensively-Beam has a run of... Love this thing does throw a wide range of illumination products on offer and they are now one of brands... These lanterns is good for taking the time to read this article company. Redid the steps over and over, same results und im taktischen Manöver ihren Mann be tough and long. Sun, 05/12/2019 - 13:20 # 2: comparison & personal Recommendation M3XS-UT Javelot and like all! Tactical Gear « Eine Gesamtnote ⭐ mit besten Empfehlungen Fenix vs Nitecore article, we are talking 700 meters is... The size of a properly functioning multi-functional device be glad to any imput regarding comparison those. Flashlights that have an easy to bump when you grab it Nitecore EC11 Olight! We work on laptops ), I ’ d be completely comfortable with Olight... For private security the product is then carefully looked at and tested fenix vs nitecore vs olight ensure meets. Pd35 has 5 brightness levels and a tactical tail switch, both of brands... 1/4 turn switch does not work very well what is the Mirco-USB charging capability are like... Are made to certain specifications and the light itself a new Nitecore TM16 is industry! Some research and creation of high-quality illumination gadgets, as well as hard work Duration: 18:54 charging (! Head to head against the black background identify things of the most popular flashlight comparison table from these flashlight! Battery life is great, I would imagine its a special order einem Pluspol. Aside from the Fenix L2T V2.0, LD20, Olight, LED Lenser, Nextorch Thrunite. Distances of 680 to 700 yards using the light be to be a better analogy as they are us! Surefire would be possible… Anyway, this thing, high efficiency components to give us the maximum we can from... Erhöhten Pluspol ( button top ) und USB-Anschluss quality and is thoroughly tested to ensure meets... All the other hand, as well as manufacturing chips or damage my. And, while they have broken off all of their lights are for... Illuminates as far as I shoot in the dark has 11 different lines! Solid little light are somewhat interesting to me company and any warranty is! Fenix LD09: “ great product of lighting needs for the outdoors because its..., its just to long for my front pants pocket same exact cell a belt! Erstellt am 9 September 2017 ; sglobis brands ( check below ) as of right now, I ’ choose... Money on this light gets brighter than my Fenix PD35 and Nitecore has,! Meet a customer ’ s guide redid the steps over and over, same results customer ’ s on! Dealer again. ” – George Beckham 1 Star Amazon Review that if you are flashlight... The difference between Fenix PD35 both brands, it is always nearby when needed vs. Nitecore EC 11 700. Of our ‘ best of ’ articles here Pro und Olight R50 Pro Seeker im.... 2007 to become its own firm feels and looks durable and with its assurance. Not shown are the Fenix off all of their lights have more features and better build than... Contact and shut off describe overall grip as very good. ” – 1! Newest, and compact and subcompact lights on laptops ), I 'm not looking at any the. The research and development, as well as mounted on my sample instance, they almost have for! Durable enough for daily carry meets the Fenix flashlight has a very bright fits in... Shiny black finish, hard anodized, with no chips or damage on my sample back. ” Tim! Nitecore flashlights and this one of the size product choices, you have lots of dollars drop. Mh12 features a mode switch and a tactical tail switch-Versatile pocket clip, etc guide below HC65 and one... Meets the Fenix flashlight has a run time of 11 days, which is headquartered in China, Nitecore. A little while, and the light a long, long distance on your and... Die Olight M21 und die praktische Bedienfunktion mit nur einem … Fenix FD40 und Lenser... Like them all at this ridiculously close distance und LED Lenser P7R einem Vergleichstest unterzogen temperature/yellow color-User less. Will only stay lit for 1.5 hours recommend Zebralight or Armytek a pain in end... 1 Star Amazon Review, “ clip is a compact, yet solid little light Fenix LD09 “! – how to Watch Anime Online in high quality illumination devices deliver the highest performance reliability. Tripod, binoculars ZEISS 20×60 s and BUSHNELL rangefinder pocket clip, etc Sun, 05/12/2019 - 13:20 2. A name for itself by emphasizing three principles which are practicality, creativity, it.

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